Technology and security

For TICKETINO, the Internet is not just another sales channel, but the backbone of our technology. That is why we consistently use the Internet and its simple, logistical potential when it comes to data exchange between event organisers, ticket buyers, and distribution and promotion platforms. 

What is brilliant about TICKETINO technology is its simplicity. We primarily use standard components such as .net technology and Microsoft SQL server . That is why we are also able to respond quickly to new challenges. 

TICKETINO technology can be explained in simple terms: instead of physically transporting a ticket to an event visitor, a barcode is generated, which is allocated to visitors electronically over their Internet browser. The barcode is scanned at the entrance to the event, greatly speeding up the whole entry process. The barcode basically represents a 12-digit, haphazardly produced number – the so-called ticket number. This ticket number is very difficult to forge. 

Payment for tickets takes place over the Internet by credit card. In order to ensure secure payment transactions, respective user data is transmitted in encrypted form (by SSL). Our partner for payment transactions, Datatrans guarantees the security of personal data during the handling of payments. 

Protection of personal data is very important to us. Ticket buyer data is handled confidentially and is not passed on to third parties. Furthermore, the complete site with the entire information, is SSL encoded. 

Our hardware is housed in protected locations and has a redundant design. 

As an event organiser you can make use of our technology in various ways. In particular, we can take over the entire ticketing process as an Application Service Provider (ASP) . This will save you investing in hardware and software – and our fees would certainly be worth a look! Fees >

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